First things first


We’re brand and content strategists who believe that putting strategy first is always the right choice. WHY before WHAT and HOW.

It’s better that way.

What we do


You want to gain more clarity around your brand.
Who are you, really?
What makes you different?
Why should anyone care?

Or you need help planning, creating, and managing content.
But how much content?
And what kind?
Where should it live?
Who should be accountable?

We’ve got this.

We’ll help you define your unique difference and develop strategies for creating smart, compelling content that reaches the people who matter to you.


Our clients


Just a few of the awesome brands we’ve worked with:

Client Logo - Siemens
Client Logo - Moad
Client Logo - Anita Borg Institute
Client Logo - 479
Client Logo - Moxtra
Client Logo - ABD Insurance & Financial Services
Client Logo - CBS
Client Logo - Speck

Who we are

Jennifer Jeffrey Photo
Jennifer Jeffrey
Brand + Content Strategist

A former biologist who left the lab for the 90’s era dot-com boom, Jennifer has a keen appreciation for the importance of strategy. She relishes the challenge of helping teams develop focus and alignment, and advocates for getting the basics right. Between sweet and salty, she’ll choose salty every time.

Natalie Greenfield Jeffrey Photo
Natalie Greenfield
Copywriter + Social Media Whiz

Natalie is a pop culture junkie and Kim K fangirl, a rare millennial who can speak both emoji and B2B. She’s been known to work a Twitter feed and write a data sheet on cloud computing without breaking a sweat. You can’t beat her pun game, so don’t even try. Fuel of choice: cold-brew coffee.

We’ve also got an incredible network of strategists, writers, designers, and developers we pull into projects as needed. Not quite on-demand, but close enough. 

We want to hear about your brand, project, website, or other content strategy needs.

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